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2020 Annual Report of Achievements

Synthesis of our efforts during 2020, as well as future plans. We communicate the achievements to reach our purpose: the defense, protection and strengthening of the country's municipalities and communities.

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Our publications are a fundamental part of the mission of the League: to strengthen the capacity among municipalities and communities of the country to better face social, physical, fiscal, and governance challenges.

We invite you to join and be a part of this conversation and analysis by reading and sharing our publications.

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In Rice... and Miseries:
Analysis of the 2021 Fiscal Plan

Preliminary analysis on the impact of the Fiscal Plan 2021-2022 on the country's economy, its municipalities, public entities and communities.


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2020 Municipal Radiography

Analysis of the audited financial statements of the 78 municipalities of Puerto Rico from 2015 to 2018.


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Opportunities towards decentralization in Puerto Rico: A Reference Framework

A reference framework based on a brief historical overview of historical elements in Puerto Rico, definitions of concepts, lessons learned, achievements of other countries, and potential courses of action.