Our First Year 

La Liga is embarking on an ambitious first year of activities based on the organization's key objectives. The proposed actions listed below also cut across the three key functions of La Liga:

Learning: Transmission of knowledge and best practices between mayors, municipalities, and external organizations.

Collaboration: Sharing of resources between mayors, with respect to general operations and with a focus on specific initiatives and themes.

Leadership: Under a unified non-partisan front, and in defense of the public, the representation of municipal interests before external entities.  

First-year Activities


Collaborate with economists, finance directors and other experts to develop a detailed decentralization proposal validated by all 78 mayors.


Develop partnerships with civil society organizations (community leaders, entrepreneurs, lawyers, academics, economists, etc.).


Launch an educational project that promotes new models of participatory governance, transparency and accountability.


Use this proposal to open up a dialogue between mayors and candidates for state elected office and other entities, including the Fiscal Control Board.


Create partnerships with key figures in Washington to advance a municipal agenda at the federal level.


Conduct educational campaigns for mayors covering access to, and use of, CDBG-DR and FEMA funds to ensure equality between municipalities, and uniform communication between state government and municipal governments on recovery issues.