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In order to promote best practices in the development of public policies that guarantee the well-being of local governments, and therefore of their communities, the League created the Municipal Training Institute (ICAMU).


ICAMU collaborates with community or non-profit organizations that promote collective efforts with municipalities,

as well as resources focused on capacity development, education, or technical assistance for local governments and

their communities.


The Municipal Training Institute
(ICAMU, for its acronym in Spanish)

ICAMU is a learning community focused on:

Municipal and community strengthening

Training on public policy and best practices

Technical assistance in matters of transparent and participatory governance

The League offers workshops, conferences and training webinars through ICAMU, facilitated in conjunction with our partners, throughout the year. 

The dates are announced through our social networks , our newsletter sent by email and through our calendar of events on this website.

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Our publications are a fundamental part of the mission of the League: to strengthen the capacity among municipalities and communities of the country to better face social, physical, fiscal, and governance challenges.

We invite you to join and be a part of this conversation and analysis by reading and sharing our publications.

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In Rice... and Miseries:
Analysis of the 2021 Fiscal Plan

Preliminary analysis on the impact of the Fiscal Plan 2021-2022 on the country's economy, its municipalities, public entities and communities.



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2020 Annual Report of Achievements

Synthesis of our efforts during 2020, as well as future plans. We communicate the achievements to reach our purpose: the defense, protection and strengthening of the country's municipalities and communities.

Spanish version

English version

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2020 Municipal Radiography

Analysis of the audited financial statements of the 78 municipalities of Puerto Rico from 2015 to 2018.


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Opportunities towards decentralization in Puerto Rico: A Reference Framework

A reference framework based on a brief historical overview of historical elements in Puerto Rico, definitions of concepts, lessons learned, achievements of other countries, and potential courses of action.


Descentralización: Un Marco de Referencia
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