La Liga de Ciudades de Puerto Rico unites local governments on the island in a non-partisan effort to improve the quality of life of the Puerto Rican people. 

Our Values

Transparency and accountability 

Civic participation 
Learning, collaboration, and leadership to serve the people 

Heriberto Rodríguez, Photographer, Autonomous Municipality of Ponce

Mission and Objectives

La Liga aims to strengthen the capacity of local governments and communities on the island in the face of social, physical, fiscal, and governance challenges. 

La Liga's objectives are: 

  • Maximize State government resources by promoting the decentralization of responsibilities and resources to local governments. 

  • Promote public policies at the State and Federal levels that guarantee the well-being and development of local governments. 

  • Foster civic engagement in all of Puerto Rico's communities by promoting new models of participatory governance, transparency, and accountability.


  • Empower Cities to properly access and maximize Federal and State funds. 


  • Share best practices and experiences between governments (local and international), and build capacity and skills among them to face social, fiscal, infrastructure, and governance challenges.  


Tony Rodríguez, Photographer, Autonomous Municipality of Coamo

Members (as of October 4, 2019)

Hon. Roberto Ramírez Kurtz
Mayor, City of Cabo Rojo

Hon. Juan Carlos García Padilla
Mayor, City of Coamo

Hon. José A. Santiago Rivera
Mayor, City of Comerío

Hon. Eduardo Cintrón Suárez
Mayor, City of Guayama

Hon. Nelson Torres Yordán
Mayor, City of Guayanilla

Hon. Rosachely Rivera Santana

Mayor, City of Gurabo

Hon. Pedro Juan García Figueroa

Mayor, City of Hormigueros


Hon. Marcos A. Irizarry Pagán
Mayor, City of Lajas

Hon. Orlando Ortiz Chevres
Mayor, City of Naranjito

Hon. Jesús E. Colón Berlingeri
Mayor, City of Orocovis

Hon. María Meléndez Altieri
Mayor, City of Ponce

Hon. Karilyn Bonilla Colón
Mayor, City of Salinas

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